Beefsteak Tomato

boton tomate bola

We mainly cut this crop when it’s green, but we have another kind of production that it’s called Vine Ripe. The Beefsteak tomato is also known as “The King of tomatoes”, because it’s a huge challenge for any agriculture companies that want to sell them.

producto bola
boton berenja


boton berenja

This crop is one of the greatest heritage of the Greek community that migrate to Sinaloa between the 20’s and the 40’s. Eggplants have a great acceptance in the East of USA and Canada. Year by year their presence have been improving in the Mexican market. The commercialization of this product is very peculiar and it has a small market of consumers.

Roma Tomato

boton tomate roma

This crop is the favorite one of the farmers, because it’s a productive crop. Another important fact is that they have a growing market, for that reason agriculture companies can introduce big volumes of this product. Roma tomatoes have a great acceptance in USA and Mexico.

producto roma

Bell Peppers


Bell Peppers are having great acceptance among chefs and restaurants around the globe. There are several varieties of peppers, In Agricola Don Gabo we farm red, green, orange and yellow peppers. These varieties are the ones that have more benefits than the others. Some of the properties are that the vegetable are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and iron, among other nutrients. Bell Peppers are characterized by their size, shape, flavor and texture; it’s an extremely decorative and delicious in several dishes.