Agricola Don Gabo was formed in the late 80’s by the Hernandez family. One of the cofounders, Horacio Hernandez has been working in agriculture and horticulture since 1963. At the beginning he exclusively worked with grains like corn, rice, wheat, soy and sorghum. After several years in this activity, it developed into a small-scale plantation of tomatoes of the Roma variety, also Green Bell peppers and Hot peppers.

Year 2008

In 2008, we started to work with Roma tomatoes on the first greenhouses, for a national market and exportation. Since then our principal crop has been tomatoes. Nevertheless, thanks to the quality of our products, we grow every year. Now we also cultivate eggplants and Beefsteak tomatoes.

Key Factors for Our Success

One of the key factors in the evolution of Agricola Don Gabo was the partnership with Agricola Santa Teresa, of the Lopez Podesta family, to produce Beefsteak tomatoes. Agricola Santa Teresa has almost 100 years of experience in the agriculture sector. This association gave our company a great push with Giumarra. Our main goal was to commercialize Beefsteak tomatoes in USA and Canada. After a while, Agricola Don Gabo started to build a commercial relationship with SunFed, a distribution company owned by the Mendel family. This was another important fact that helped our company’s growth. They commercialize Roma tomatoes and eggplants in USA and Canada.

Why did we decide to enter to a highly competitive market?

We believe that there’s a great chance for companies who like to do things right, like us, that think about giving their best to the costumer. There’s an important part of the market covered by big companies that work in an excellent way, but we believe that there’s another important part of the market that’s is left behind, in terms of quality and consistence, by the companies that don’t want to evolve in the same pace of the buyer’s needs and food security.

There’s our opportunity, there’s our market.



To produce vegetables with the highest quality and the best practices in food security, safety and work responsibilities. Implementing the best technology in order to have less environmental impact, more sustainability and social responsibility.


Providing our customers with the highest quality vegetables and security. By implementing the best technology in agriculture, in order to have our products right on time and with the best quality.


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